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We were tasked with developing a brand which would represent us and and show potential clients what we were about and get a sense of our character. We had to develop a monogram, wordmark and a visualmarque.

Skills used

logo design
Type design

Programmes used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Aftereffects
Adobe colour

stadium tour cover image


Sketching the monogram was quite time consuming becuase there was so many variations of the S and H, but it was important to find the one that was for me.

Although a large amount of the sketches did get disgarded my lecturer did ear mark a few that I could develop.

wireframes low spec

Unused monogram

I then digitised the sketches he marked out to see what they would look like on screen but I didn’t feel like they were that strong and they didn’t really represent me so I went back to sketching.

wireframes low spec

Monogram sketches

At this point I was starting to have a bit more direction and a design that I liked, but I needed to keep sketching out to nail down the smaller details.

The main challenge was making sure that the design actually looked like and S and a H and finding the balance of it making sense and still being aesthetically pleasing.

wireframes low spec

Getting it right

The sketching process was done and I then needed to digitise the sketches, here I would be able to measure the thickness of the lines a bit better and see what it would look like on screen.

These are the first digitised sketches, but this was just so I could workout the thicknesses of the lines because I felt that the sketchbook wasn’t as acurate as doing it in illustrator.

wireframes low spec

Finished monogram

This is the finished monogram, the thickness of the lines was important to give the monogram balance, so I used lines to judge the thickness as you can see on the left.

Overall I am happy with the design of the monogram, I like the balance and I think that it represents me and the brand that I am going for.

wireframes low spec


I found this font on Googlefonts and I really liked it, I think that it looks professional but it also has a bit of character and doesn’t look serious which I think is perfect for a portfolio.

Colour palette

When using the colour palette I wanted to keep it simple in order to let the portfolio content stand out.

I liked the green colour and I explored different shades and variations of it on Adobe colour and I found the colour that I really like.

wireframes low spec


For the wordmark I had two variations, one was the word mark when on it’s own and the other was the workmark paired with the monogram, I felt it was important to have both incase circumstances called for either one.

When designing it I just typed my name out and and used the create outlines and then tightened it up a bit but left a bigger gap in between the first and second name and used the lines similarly to the monogram itself.

wireframes low spec

Visualmarque sketches

Another piece of branding that I created was the visualmarque which I really liked because there was no rules really set and I could be creative and create something that represented me.

One of the recurring features when I researched visualmarques is that they pick something that is unique or a feature of themselves so I thought that I could use my glasses.

wireframes low spec

Unused glasses

I think that these turned out well but when I brought them to the critque my lecturer pointed out that the icons could be hard to see, and the glasses with the glare on them wasn’t the right direction either.

wireframes low spec

Final glasses design

With this design I was getting closer to what I wanted with the pattern I used, it also reinforces the brand with the monogram.

wireframes low spec

Final visualmarque

I am really happy with the finished visualmarque, I was happy with the glasses on their own but with the illustration I think that it looks like a complete set along with the monogram and wordmark.

wireframes low spec